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written by: Bill Nator

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Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy efficiency is increasingly becoming an important part of every day life. Our homes are one of the many places whereby one can conserve energy via the many methods that have been proven over time. Energy efficient lighting in particular is a great way to start off. While people are talking about using solar power, and wind power generation methods, the best and simplest way to start off is by managing the energy consumed by our hole lighting. Since the invention of the lighting bulb by Thomas Edison, many improvements have been made to ensure that the bulb uses minimum wattage.

On average, the lighting systems within a home or any other establishment can consume close to 30% of the energy used. This is a lot of energy and finding ways to reduce it can bring about a lot of advantages. Some of the advantages of energy efficient lighting include reduced cost of energy. If the lighting alone consumes less that ten percent of the energy used in an establishment, the cost can be slashed by more than twenty percent. This is definately the desire of any energy consumer who is budget sensitive. Reduced energy consumption is also advantageous to our environment in many ways.

energy numbers- light bulbs

Energy Numbers for Light Bulbs

Before using any type of lighting, it is important to check the amount of energy the lighting system consumes. The lower the wattage the better. Energy efficient lighting can cause a huge reduction in the amount of energy consumed cumulatively. If only fifty percent of energy consumers on a particular grid would do something about this, then the improvement in energy consumption would be tremendous. One of the easiest way to start off is switching off any light bulbs that are not in use. Forming this habit increases one’s awareness on the importance of energy conservation.


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