The importance of having rain water harvesting system

written by: Daisy Amore

rain barrel for rain harvesting

Decorative and Useful, Rain Barrel

Rain water harvesting is a simple yet beneficial thing to do. It makes your home energy efficient through recycling and harvesting water. You need to encourage greener practices that save on the cost of water. More importantly, you should set up a water collection system, storage and re-use. This will ensure that water consumption is optimum. Water harvesting is a good way for emergency water services.

There are a few benefits of rain water harvesting system. First and foremost it helps to save on water bills and you don’t have to pay a lot of money to your local water utility company or municipal water bills. Secondly, it helps you to prepare for disaster in cases where water scarcity is a common occurrence. Thirdly, it helps to add value to your home and garden. You may decide to use the water for watering outdoors as well as animals.

There area number of water harvesting techniques out there. Some of the methods get good water while others may require purification before use. All you need is to select that best works for your case. The most popular is use of troughs at the end of the roof. It is important to ensure the roof is inclined at an angle to easily collect water. This reduces the cost of pumping the water into the reservoir as well as during usage.

Once you harvest the water, you should look for a good storage facility. Rain water is harvested into the storage tank. Moreover, you can also use water cisterns for the same purpose. It is important to look for good storage system to ensure that the water is safe for use.

Having a rain water harvesting system will help you save a great deal of cost. Furthermore, water harvesting is a simple process that you can do on your own and encourage greener home practices.


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