Benefits of a Home Wind Generator

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Home Wind Turbine

Companies, farms and homeowners are all utilizing wind energy due to its great benefits. Rural areas that have no electricity power connections can use wind generators to generate their own wind energy. Wind generators can also be used in developed and third world. They are available in different sizes which imply that most people and companies can use them. Single homeowners to small cities and villages can make great use of different wind generators available currently.

A Home wind generator provides clean electricity. Use of wind energy addresses climate change through providing a non-polluting source of electricity that can eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from conventional power. Energy generated from wind does not pollute the air we breathe. This means reduced smog, as well as acid rain. Wind generators create energy independence. Wind energy encourages national security by lowering your reliance on foreign and harmful sources of fossil energy.

Wind energy is developing fast. It has been the globe’s fastest developing renewable energy source for about a decade. Wind electricity is renewable. Wind is one of Mother Nature’s gifts and it is available and plentiful natural resource. Wind energy is cost competitive compared to other fuel energies like natural gas. Wind energy is also the cheapest of all renewable energy sources. Since wind resources are free, a wind generator can provide a stable long-term energy production.

It also lowers expenses related to air pollution, healthcare and environmental expenses. Its low running expenses and means it can offer low cost, clean energy fast and more conveniently than conventional power plants. A wind generator is dependable and efficient. Unlike other power sources, wind generator requires less maintenance and has low running expenses. By using a wind generator, you help to reduce harmful carbon dioxide substances in the air.

wind turbine diagram

Wind Turbine Diagram

A home wind generator will reduce your electricity bills since you do not need to purchase wind. After you have paid for the initial installation your electricity expenses will be cut down. The costs of purchasing a system depend on the size and mounting technique. A wind turbine generator requires maintenance checks after a few years. Maintenance checks depend on the generator size. Off-grid systems batteries also require replacing after every 6 to 10 years. The charges fir replacing batteries depends on the design and size of the system. Any back-up generator will also have fuel and maintenance costs. Wind turbines are entitled to Feed-in Tariffs and you will get a tariff for every KWh of power produced by your generator. You will also get another tariff for every KWh of power you export.

Wind generator results in reduction of the country’s reliance on conventional energy sources such as; oil, coal and gas. Conventional energy reserves are reducing. Wind power makes a nation more self-reliant on energy imports and less prone to security perils. Renewable energy resources add variety to energy supplies, giving a more reliable energy resource. You can store energy for a calm day. In case your house is not connected to national grid, you can be able to save surplus electricity in batteries and apply it when wind is not available.