Benefits Of Home Solar Energy

solar energy at home

Solar Panels on Roof

Homes that have a solar power system or a photovoltaic system installed enjoy a number of benefits such as less electricity bills, potential higher home values and lesser carbon footprints. There are no two ways about the fact that all these benefits come with an initial cost and the gains vary from house to house basis. The concept of solar energy being used domestically was developed as early as 1950, however, its true potential has been realized when the solar modules became affordable since the beginning of the millennium.

Here are some of the most significant benefits of home solar energy:

1. Reduced electricity bills:

One of the major benefits of using solar energy at home is reduction in electricity bills however the magnitude of the savings will depend on the quantum of solar energy generated in the available conditions. Rates of electricity have been rising day by day and statistics reveal that there has been an annual increase of 6% for the past 30 years. Going solar allows you to take control of costs of electricity.

The savings that you generate from solar energy usage depend on your usage of electricity and the quality of solar panels that you get installed. If you have a lot of electricity consumption and are already high on bills, you will save more once you get solar panels installed. Households with less electricity consumption take some time to begin saving.

The savings talked about here, when projected on monthly basis surpass the investment on installation very soon and whatever you save thereafter is your return on the investment.

2. Appreciation in home value:

Adding solar panels to your home raises its value by a huge margin primarily because of the fact that any buyer or a tenant will benefit from the installation for years to come. The undeniable benefit of reduced electricity costs comes prearranged to him when he buys or rents out you house. in case of a buyer, the cost of solar panel installation is also financed through mortgage which is another added benefit. You can always ask for a little premium for your house on these grounds.

Also, the growing trend of green living attracts people towards homes that have some or the other innovation done towards reducing their carbon footprints.

3. Reduction in Carbon footprints:

The electricity that we consume in our houses is dirty electricity. It is appropriate to call it dirty because it is made from dirty fossil fuels like gas, oil and coal. These fuels burn to produce electricity, emitting toxic substances like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide etc. These fuels are also the culprits behind smog and acid rain.

Electricity has been rated as leading man made global warming contributor. It shall not be incorrect to say that every time we switch on lights, we pollute the environment. Home solar energy allows you to remain clean of the dirty electricity mentioned above. The huge difference that you can make to the environment by switching over to solar energy is evident from the fact that a three bedroom flat can offset 80,000 lbs of Carbon dioxide, a figure that you generate when you drive a car for 100,000 miles.

These benefits of using home solar energy are sure to lure you into getting solar panels installed at your house. It is in fact a very noble idea not only for your benefits but for the gain of the nation and the entire planet as well.