Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

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Energy Escaping a House

A home energy audit allows owners to ascertain where their house is losing both energy and money and offers solution on how to correct these issues and make the house more energy efficient. Done by a professional energy auditor, these checkups inspect a house for leaks, check the insulation, study the furnace, perform a blower door test to determine how much hot/cool air is escaping through the doors and use an infrared camera to inspect the remainder of a house. The benefits of a home energy audit include increased energy efficiency, reduction in energy usage, improvement in indoor air quality, decrease in interior temperature drafts and better ventilation throughout the house.

One of the best benefits of an energy audit is the money it can save you on your energy bills. Many homeowners make the costly mistake that the only way to save money on energy bills is to make costly improvement projects to their such as installing solar panels or new triple glazed windows. Luckily, a home energy audit results in a detailed and comprehensive report that shows homeowners how to save money with little time and money. If your home has a pesky water leak that never seems to disappear it can be costing you money on your water bill and wasting valuable resources. An inexpensive repair to the faucet can result in massive cost savings and more energy efficient appliances. Ensure that your house is sealed affectively by plugging leaks commonly found in doors, windows, basements and attacks.



In addition to inexpensive quick fixes, the energy audit may also show other methods to increase energy efficiency and decrease monthly bills. While opting to install a new front door, better windows or a repaired roof may seem expensive at first the US government is offering many incentives to do these energy efficient projects. What was once a cost prohibitive dream is now a reality with help from subsidies and government incentives. Tests have proven that energy star windows are twice as efficient as those constructed ten years ago. Given that windows can account for 20% of a monthly energy bill it is a no brainer to replace your house’s outdated windows with newer and more efficient ones.

Not only will a home audit result in lower energy bills, but also it can improve comfort within your home. Having improper ventilation or sealing on your home can result in allergens and toxic chemicals from seeping through the home and entering your body. A home energy audit will determine your home’s weakest energy points and present solutions to solve these problems.

With the real estate market starting to turn around, prospective homebuyers are looking to purchases houses that are energy efficient. Having had an energy audit is an excellent way of marketing your home to potential buyers. Studies have shown that for every $1 decrease in annual energy costs the value of your home increases by $20. Simple and cost effective changes can have a huge impact on your bottom line when the house is sold.

A home energy audit is a valuable investment in the market value of your house, your wallet and your family’s health.