Should You Have a Rain Water Harvesting System?

The importance of having rain water harvesting system

written by: Daisy Amore

rain barrel for rain harvesting

Decorative and Useful, Rain Barrel

Rain water harvesting is a simple yet beneficial thing to do. It makes your home energy efficient through recycling and harvesting water. You need to encourage greener practices that save on the cost of water. More importantly, you should set up a water collection system, storage and re-use. This will ensure that water consumption is optimum. Water harvesting is a good way for emergency water services.

There are a few benefits of rain water harvesting system. First and foremost it helps to save on water bills and you don’t have to pay a lot of money to your local water utility company or municipal water bills. Secondly, it helps you to prepare for disaster in cases where water scarcity is a common occurrence. Thirdly, it helps to add value to your home and garden. You may decide to use the water for watering outdoors as well as animals.

There area number of water harvesting techniques out there. Some of the methods get good water while others may require purification before use. All you need is to select that best works for your case. The most popular is use of troughs at the end of the roof. It is important to ensure the roof is inclined at an angle to easily collect water. This reduces the cost of pumping the water into the reservoir as well as during usage.

Once you harvest the water, you should look for a good storage facility. Rain water is harvested into the storage tank. Moreover, you can also use water cisterns for the same purpose. It is important to look for good storage system to ensure that the water is safe for use.

Having a rain water harvesting system will help you save a great deal of cost. Furthermore, water harvesting is a simple process that you can do on your own and encourage greener home practices.


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High Efficiency Furnaces, Why You Need One.

Why Is It Essential To Use High Energy Efficient Furnaces?

written by: Shane Battlefield

furnace energy efficient

Efficient Furnace

Many people consider replacing old and inefficient furnaces with energy efficient furnaces to save monthly energy bills, and also to use clean and renewable environmental friendly products. Although the number of homes heated by solar energy powered clean and renewable products is growing, the majority of homeowners still rely on fossil fuels or electricity to heat their homes. But as the cost of these fossil fuels such as natural gas, and fuel oil, and electricity generated by coal-fired power and nuclear plants, it is becoming increasingly expensive to stay warm indoors in the winter. That is why more and more people are using energy efficient furnaces to cut down on their monthly energy bills and contribute to the environment. Many homeowners who are planning for home renovations or constructing new homes are opting for energy efficiency furnaces.

Concerns for keeping the environment clean have made many home owners switch from inefficient furnaces. The costs of repairing old inefficient furnaces can be quite high. Repairing a furnace that is, for example, 15 years, will be costly. If you are planning to remodel or renovate your home and need to upgrade your furnace to heat your existing home and the additional space, consider installing energy efficient furnaces. There are many benefits of using and energy efficient furnace.


An energy efficient furnace will reduce your utility bill such as energy bill substantially. You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year by installing an energy efficient furnace. If you use energy efficient furnaces in your home then they will improve the air quality of your home by reducing air pollution in your home. Making homes energy efficient is a new trend hundreds of thousands of home owners are interested in. It is crucial for home owners to choose a reliable home builder and designer, and a plumber to undertake any installation of new furnaces in their homes. Choosing a reputable company that manufactures high energy efficiency furnaces is also essential.

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Solar Water Heaters

Benefits of solar water heaters

written by: Shawn Birkman


water heater solar

Solar Water Heater Set Up

Modern technology keeps striving to unveil the latest inventions that make life more comfortable to live. Solar water heaters, are fast becoming a necessary fixture inside the home and with more homeowners adapting to the green lifestyle, it is not surprising why many of them are looking to buy these devices in lieu of the traditional water heater. Invention of solar water heaters is another great technological achievement, because unlike the conventional water heaters we are all used to, the new solar water heaters, as the name express, unleashes the infinite power of the sun to heat the water for your bath, your shower, or your sink, with ease.

There are lots of benefits to installing a solar water heater in your  home and even in guest houses and mini hotels. With solar water heaters, you will be able to see the vast difference in your gas, water and electric bill each month. These heating systems do not require the use of gas or electricity to function, but rather depends on the free gift of nature; direct sun exposure and rainwater which will cost you nothing to acquired.

In addition to this, this heating system helps to cuts carbon dioxide emissions, in half from the use of a standard tank heating system, thus helping to protect the natural environment and the ozone layer from been depleted. Furthermore, you may also need to know, that solar water heaters are cheap and very easy to install. The installation is simple and less stringent, compare to the conventional water heaters and besides, apart from saving you money on electricity, gas and water bills, these heating systems also have long life span, as they tend t last longer than electrical devices.

And moreover, using these devices at home in some countries, may qualify you for Government rebates and Incentives, as there are some countries that gives their citizens incentives, in terms of monetary compensations, because of their strong support for green energy systems.



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The Importance of a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable Thermostats

written by: Ian Jones Smithman


Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a device which is used normally to control temperature at home and offices and hence it help in saving the energy. This device is easy to install and when properly set, it saves a lot of cost for businesses and homes.

Using programmable thermostat, you can be able to set your air-conditioning device to operate at intervals which suit your schedule. This device will make your life better and help you to save energy, and hence reducing your energy bills.

Due to changing seasons and the high cost of fuels, the best way to save on energy and money in our homes and businesses is by installing programmable thermostat. Setting up is so simple and if carried out to the standards, only two thermostats are required one in cold and another one during the hot season. Individuals are always advice to select the right types of programmable thermostats.

They are five types of these programmable thermostats and each having its merits and demerits. These types include: – electromechanical programmable thermostat, digital thermostat, hybrid programmable thermostat, light sensing thermostat and occupancy thermostat.

Electromechanical programmable thermostat – this type of thermostat is best for individuals who have regular schedule. It is usually bought as manually operated thermostat. You are required to adjust the number of hours the air conditioner and heating unit will be running and controlling the temperature.

Digital thermostat – this thermostat are the best since it can be set along with their corresponding temperatures.

Hybrid programmable thermostat – this type of thermostat is a combination of both digital and electromechanical thermostat. It gives the simplicity of the electromechanical thermostat while at same time gives the level of customization of the digital thermostat.

Light sensing thermostat – this type of thermostat is the most complex and expensive type of programmable thermostats. It functions by reacting to the lighting condition of a given area. This thermostat does not require any batteries and always in operation even if there are power outages.

Occupancy thermostat – this type of thermostat is normally used in buildings which are rarely occupied and requires controlled environment.


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Why Be Green

Green Home Improvement

written by: Bill Nator

light bulbs

Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy efficiency is increasingly becoming an important part of every day life. Our homes are one of the many places whereby one can conserve energy via the many methods that have been proven over time. Energy efficient lighting in particular is a great way to start off. While people are talking about using solar power, and wind power generation methods, the best and simplest way to start off is by managing the energy consumed by our hole lighting. Since the invention of the lighting bulb by Thomas Edison, many improvements have been made to ensure that the bulb uses minimum wattage.

On average, the lighting systems within a home or any other establishment can consume close to 30% of the energy used. This is a lot of energy and finding ways to reduce it can bring about a lot of advantages. Some of the advantages of energy efficient lighting include reduced cost of energy. If the lighting alone consumes less that ten percent of the energy used in an establishment, the cost can be slashed by more than twenty percent. This is definately the desire of any energy consumer who is budget sensitive. Reduced energy consumption is also advantageous to our environment in many ways.

energy numbers- light bulbs

Energy Numbers for Light Bulbs

Before using any type of lighting, it is important to check the amount of energy the lighting system consumes. The lower the wattage the better. Energy efficient lighting can cause a huge reduction in the amount of energy consumed cumulatively. If only fifty percent of energy consumers on a particular grid would do something about this, then the improvement in energy consumption would be tremendous. One of the easiest way to start off is switching off any light bulbs that are not in use. Forming this habit increases one’s awareness on the importance of energy conservation.


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Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

written by: Alexander Clark


Green living is no longer an option, it has become a necessity. Besides the environmental impact, choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle is also beneficial for your budget. You can start your journey towards a completely green life with a few home improvements.

For instance, did you know that windows and doors are the places through which you lose the most energy? By using energy efficient windows and doors, you can save up to 30% on your heating bill. The simplest and cheapest things you can do are checking for cracks in the windows and doors and then repairing them, weatherstriping in order to reduce air leakage.

However, this does not offer you a home with energy efficient windows and doors. For that, you will need a little investment, but don’t worry, they will pay for themselves in just a few years. You can start by changing the frames with energy efficient ones. When it comes to windows, it is easy to find some who even block the UV light, so your cooling costs will decrease significantly. Alternatively, you can use high-reflectivity films with the same effect.

Nonetheless, you can apply special treatments to the frames of your doors and windows. These reduce the heat loss that occurs during winter and the heat gain during summer. Another step you can take also has a decorative purpose: add awnings, interior or exterior blinds or draperies to all your windows in order to prevent the UV light from heating your home during summer.

All in all, there are numerous things you can do in order to have energy efficient windows and doors. You simply need to choose the best option for you and your home and then sit back and enjoy the extra heat in the winter and the coolness that lasts longer even in the hottest summer days.

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